October 2020

Volume 2, Issue 5, Publication: October 2020

1. An Efficient Scalable File Transfer on Peer-to-Peer Networks
Author(s): R. Rajagopalan1 and Lokesh Reddy2

Abstract: One of the most promising technology is Peer-to-Peer. Each peer acts as a client and server so every peer is accounted for the downloading and uploading of files. Though frequently compared to client server model it is altogether distinct to it. Therefore it is also known as single system program so at that instance each peer can act as client/server. Content distribution or file sharing or dissemination of information of the file is one of the most important application. Besides this, the other applications include publications and dissemination of software, content delivery network, streaming media and multicast streaming. It also allows on demand content delivery. Science networking, searching and communication are other applications of peer to peer.

International Journal of Futuristic Research Evaluation in  Engineering