February 2021

Volume 3, Issue 1, Publication: February 2021

1. Efficient Implementation of Secure E- Passport Scheme using Face and PalmPrint Recognition

Author(s): Dr. V.K. Narendira Kumar, Dr. S.Prasath

ABSTRACT :- Electronic Passports (e-Passports) have known a wide and fast deployment all around the world since the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) the world has adopted standards whereby passports can store biometric identifiers. The purpose of biometric passports is to prevent the illegal entry of traveler into a specific country and limit the use of counterfeit documents by more accurate identification of an individual. The e-passport, as it is sometimes called, represents a bold initiative in the deployment of two new technologies: Cryptography security and palm print biometrics. A passport contains the important personal information of holder such as photo, name, date of birth and place, nationality, date of issue, date of expiry, authority and so on. The goal of the adoption of the electronic passport is not only to expedite processing at border crossings, but also to increase security.