December 2019

Volume 1, Issue 1, Publication: December 2019

1. Retrieval of Medical Records from Cloud Storage
Author(s): Malarvizi A.E

ABSTRACT: In the present decade, significantly after mechanical headways that we have come through in remote interchanges, it is as yet hard to improve the endurance of mishap unfortunate casualties if there should arise an occurrence of mass transportation vehicles. Cloud registering is the pattern where assets are given to a nearby customer on an on-request premise, as a rule by methods for the web. The major and most common utilization of cloud is storage. The thought is to utilize cloud to store satisfactory therapeutic data of individuals for simpler recovery in the event of mishaps. This paper gives a theoretical thought, execution points of view and furthermore the issues that are inclined to be looked in the usage of cloud storage to store therapeutic records.

2. Different Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey
Author(s): R. Lavanya

ABSTRACT: Routing protocols are utilized to transmit the bundles from the source to the goal hub in mobile ad hoc networks. During the periods of routing in various sorts of protocols, every one of the attack figures out how to degrade the exhibition of the routing protocols. The reactive routing protocols DSR and AODV have parcel of comparable highlights as are considered right now.

International Journal of Futuristic Research Evaluation in  Engineering